Crossover Denied

I am processing for staff at an agency. I’ve been waiting since 2019 for them to complete my processing.
I used to work as staff for a different agency with the same clearance/poly level.

I received a job offer from a contractor, submitted my paperwork, but I received a notification that my crossover was not accepted. This contractor works with the same agency I am processing for as staff. I talked to my recruiter a while back about whether or not it would be an issue, but they said that it shouldn’t be a problem.

My credentials had crossed over to a different agency before, same level, so I know that I am not marked as “Do not cross over”.

Wait… are you saying you are currently processing for a direct hire position (since 2019) and in the meantime you are applying for a contractor position?

If that is the case, I wonder if the contractor security people saw the open investigation for the direct hire job and said whoa, we can’t proceed while there’s an open investigation.

I used to be in the reserves and had an active TS/SCI but while it was being updated, I got a contractor job for the same branch of service. They picked up my Secret right away, but I could not get briefed SCI until the open investigation completed. And since I was a reservist who was already cleared just waiting for a periodic update, I’m sure I was at the very bottom of the pile.

Yep. That’s exactly what I am saying.
I talked to my recruiter and they said it shouldn’t be an issue, but apparently my recruiter was wrong.

According to the contracting company, the customer denied the crossover, with no further detail provided.

They won’t cross you over for a contracting gig while you are processing for staff. You are effectively locked out of working there until the process concludes. I’m sure that’s frustrating since their process is so long, but find another opportunity in the meantime