Leaving Company due to lack of Clearance Crossover?

I had previously posted about having issues getting my DoD TS/SCI crossed over to “another customer”, I still do not know who this customer is but that’s not the point of this post. As of today, it has been nearly 10 months since I attempted to crossover my clearance to this different customer/agency. So far there has been no update or progress of any kind. It has reached the point where I am feeling a little restive about the situation and I feel like it has negatively affected me from a professional standpoint, i.e. Lack of involvement in large projects due to this limbo. I was recently contacted by several defense companies for possible employment with them. I have been interviewing and things seem to be progressing smoothly. For the most part these companies have DoD customers. It doesn’t sound like I would require a crossover to another agency as I already have a DoD. I suspect I will receive an offer from at least one of these companies. If I know I will finally get to use my TS/SCI again, I am content with accepting their offer. My only concern is my crossover with my current employer. I do not understand all the specifics of clearances as I am not a security expert. I have heard that if a clearance investigation is currently “in progress” or “open” it may pose an issue with crossing over. Additionally, since my current employer is trying to crossover my DoD to some “other” customer will that jeopardize my ability to bring that clearance back to DoD for my new employer? I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I move forward. I certainly don’t want to go through all this trouble again if I end up being stuck in the same kind of limbo with a different company. The real issue is I don’t know for certain where the “blame” falls for this extended delay. Is it my FSO? The customer? My employer could be doing their very best (at least they say they are) to get me crossed over. On the other hand I know people in my office that have been fully crossed over in less than 6 months. Others had their clearances fully processed in about 8 months; ground up investigation. I seem to be the only guy in this office that hasn’t been making any progress.

Bottom line is you are either eligible or not. If you are currently eligible with DoD from 2019, you should be good to go. Just because the other customer (did you ever ask who it is?) didn’t want to accept your clearance doesn’t mean anything for your current eligibility with DoD.

Blockquote (did you ever ask who it is?)

I did and I was told it is a classified customer.

So do what do you actually want? Do you want to work for some unknown customer or would you rather be in control of your destiny and choose one of the other opportunities with DoD that you know you are eligible for? I guess I dont understand what you are really asking here.

I’ve worked DoD, classified customers, and back to DOD. Most likely, you are in scope for DoD, but "secret " client system demands their own initial ( people wonder why system is clogged). Sounds like you are not crossing over. I did crossover requests for a classified customer for 9 plus years. I was able to get verbal crossover in 24 hours, or a verbal denial…and paperwork flowed within 72 hours. The classified customer can absolutely tell you if they accept your current clearance or not. It sounds like the possibility exists of unadjudicated info. Not necessarily bad…just something an adjudicator must render opinion on. If you go Dod to Dod…super easy. When you cross or try to cross to a different agency…say…CIA…or State…they each have their own bureaucracy. I always got : yes, no…yes but submit re-investigation sf86, or no, submit as initial. There is no reason you are left dangling with zero info. Unless its State, I fought their system for 9 years and crossing to and from was like pulling teeth.

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I worked at a place where we basically had one line of work that we did for different customers. Eventually it got to the point where the work we did for Agency A sort of morphed into work for Agency B… but Agency A still ‘owned’ that part of the facility so you had to have an A clearance to work on that job, even though it was Agency B stuff.

Agency A wanted CI polygraph at a minimum… many got the full monty. Agency B never required one.

This is a long way of echoing what Amberbunny @amberbunny2 said: Agency A rarely did ‘crossovers’ from Agency B, almost always you needed an investigation done through their channels (just to add, Agency B readily accepted crossovers from A). So even though I was able to go to work in the Agency B part of the facility right away (based on previous DoD TS/SCI) it took some time before I could work on a nearly identical project for the same customer in the Agency A part of the facility. Agency B did the quick approval, Agency A said please start over at square one.

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I think I am pretty clear what I am asking. If you look at my first post, I simply want to make sure that by leaving my current employer with my current crossover/investigation still open and in process, I am not shooting myself in the foot and effectively making my clearance “nontransferable”. I know every person’s situation is unique, but I have been observing this forum long enough to know that there have been some perplexing situations others have experienced, be it a clearance crossover denial, another clearance crossover issue, or some other reason. The point is I don’t want to end up with a clearance that can’t be transferred over to a new owning agency.

Too easy then. It isnt really going anywhere. The crossover process is just the gaining agency verifying whether or not they will accept your current clearance. You arent giving anything up so, bottom line is no. If your clearance wasnt finalized, it would be a different story.


Sounds kind of similar to my situation actually. At my current employer, everyone has to go through the DoD clearance process. Essentially, everyone in my office that has this “special customer” clearance also has a DoD clearance. After your DoD gets cleared, I guess our security person puts it through a crossover process. It all sounds a little ambiguous to me but I am not an FSO so it might make more sense to them.

Now…fly in the ointment. If gaining agency requested a fresh SF86, or equip, and they begin a new investigation…technically anything your BI person uncovered, good, bad, indifferent…is now unadjudicated. I despise this technicality. So if you are technically out of scope…submitted for crossover…they begin investigating…you think you are merely waiting to see if you crossed over…if you walk out the gate…you could be in a pickle clearance wise. Saw it happen repeatedly. I would get my government rep involved, and most times we could work through it as long as you stayed actively working in a cleared position. At times they invoked the “unadjudicated info” clause. And despite what a recent poster claims about fear of poking a bear…you learn when to push, when to elevate…when to retreat licking wounds.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. According to JPAS I have a TS/SCI which was granted Jan 2019 and July 2019, respectively. This was confirmed by the FSO of the potential employer I am applying to.

Indeed when I transferred to my new office last year, the classified customer did want me to resubmit an new SF86 (despite having a clearance granted less than 1 year). That was in September of 2019. When you say “technically anything your BI person uncovered, good, bad, indifferent…is now unadjudicated” what do you mean? Because, before I even transferred offices I was adjudicated for TS/SCI. Or am I missing something here.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. I get that a lot lately, lol. Bad me.

Yes you had TS SCI Eligibility. Yes it was freshly investigated, you are in scope.


If second customer actively opened a new investigation, vice merely crossing you over (sounds like they did) anything the BI person researched, crim records, credit, etc…is now unadjudicated. Info that is likely neutral. Or positive. Could be something in there…and my most recent client would say "we don’t know what we don’t know…what info was uncovered? It requires an adjudicator to pass judgement. "

Trust me crossover is a 72 hour max thing. They verify dates, cross you over, list in their system be it Scattered Castles or any number of client specific client only databases.

If more than 3 days passed, I was calling to check on the crossover. I had access to client system so if it showed up in there…I would schedule badging. That such a length of time has passed…sounds like new investigation.

I see. So if what you are saying is true and I really am under investigation all over again, would I need to wait for my new investigation to “close” before leaving the company? Am I able to leave my current employer scot free and continue to use my TS/SCI at the new employer? At this point I have no problem telling the FSO just just take me off any investigation. It seems crossing over has done more harm than good for my professional ambitions. I feel as though my current FSO hasn’t been very candid with this bit of information.

Just a side note, I have not been contacted by anyone from any investigating agency nor has anyone I know been contacted either.

You could withdraw from process and if first investigation is in scope it is transferable under standard crossover process. I would see if another company can cross you over without issue in 3 days and offer fresh position. Keep in mind none of this implies you are ducking a known issue. Unadjudicated info can be a complete neutral item…but one an adjudicator must render a decision on. Sounds like you were submitted and stuck in a que…or they are initiating a reinvestigation. You are confident you are not out of scope so it should cross over in 72 hours max.

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BlockquoteIf second customer actively opened a new investigation, vice merely crossing you over (sounds like they did) anything the BI person researched, crim records, credit, etc…is now unadjudicated. Info that is likely neutral. Or positive. Could be something in there…and my most recent client would say "we don’t know what we don’t know…what info was uncovered? It requires an adjudicator to pass judgement. "

So I actually just talked with my FSO and brought up the points you mentioned.

Apparently I am only getting “reinvestigated” for my SCI, not TS. According to them I am not even doing doing a SSBI all over again, but just doing an SCI investigation. This however still requires me to submit a full SF86. But I wont lose my DoD TS if I decide to leave the company.

Does this sound about right? I haven’t signed or submitted my new SF86 yet until I know for certain my TS is not going to be affected. Please let me know what you think

They used to call this a two-step process or something like that… I worked at a place where for a time it was faster to put people in for TS over one path and then submit them for the SCI afterwards. I think this depends on a lot of circumstances but don’t be fooled, this is a whole new investigation that will need to be adjudicated.

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Any idea how long this will take? If it’s a whole new investigation that needs adjudication does that mean it’s a SSBI? Am I to expect another personal interview?