"Cross over" clearance denial

I made a post earlier this year about having my DoD TS/SCI clearance transferred for a another position, same level but different customer (unknown customer). I filled out the new customer’s SF86 and submitted it.

A few things to note, the SF86 I filled out for my DoD clearance was done on e-QIP and I believe that was the 2016 revision. This form had many more areas to elaborate and explain in great details about foreign travel and foreign contacts (if any). Also, my DoD TS/SCI is very much in scope, I got my TS Jan 2019, and SCI July 2019.

The other SF86 I filled out for my new position is an older version (Rev 2008), which seems odd that they don’t use a newer version, oh well. In any case, I attempted to copy all information as best as I could. That being said, not all the info was copied exactly as it would appear on the 2016 Rev. For example in section 20C (foreign travel) of the 2016 Rev, I was able to explain where I traveled, why, for how long, if anyone attempted to contact me, If I was encountered by the police, etc. For the 2008 Rev, section 20C was considerably less detailed, it only asked me where I traveled and for how many days. I did my absolute best to fill out that old Rev.

When I submitted my SF86, I was not interviewed by anyone and my listed references were not contacted. I didn’t worry since I figured I was given a TS/SCI literally a year ago and would not have any issues since I am in scope.

Well yesterday I just got word that my cross over was denied, my FSO does not know why and they haven’t told him anything beyond that. He really doesn’t know how to proceed from here because he was pretty confident that it wouldn’t be a problem transferring my clearance. He thinks I might have to fill out the SF86 and do a ground up all over again.

What should I do if my cross over is denied? Can I appeal to them to look into it again? Request a reason for the denial? Elaborate on anything they might be concerned about? I wouldn’t be as surprised if my investigation was delayed, but to straight up deny without any explanation or a chance to elaborate confusion on my SF86, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Not chiming in with any helpful advice but did want to hopefully make you feel a bit better by saying you’re not the first and probably not the last. Sadly reciprocity is still a mess and the government hasn’t sorted everything out. Some agencies won’t take a TS from other places like DoD

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The problem is the lack of transparency. They didn’t even provide a solution or next steps

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Yeah and they just leave you waiting forever until a denial. A god awful process

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