Crossover Timeline

So a little background… my DoD service time comes to an end this month. TS/SCI cleared, investigation was completed back in April 2013.

Around August 2018, started speaking to different employers in prep for my transition back to civilian life. Found a contractor that I liked, interviewed, received a contingent offer. Submitted eQIP/SF86 early November and was told the crossover would take about 4-6 weeks in time for an early Jan start. It is now Jan 18th, 9 weeks and counting and neither the recruiter nor FSO have received any updates. It was always my impression that a crossover should not take this long. Anyone here have any ideas as to what might be going on here?

Crossover can happen in a day. Your date seems to put you close to out of scope. They normally request an updated SF86 if very close for an on the spot review. If slightly more out of scope…it does take 6 weeks longer. Ish. If out of scope a while…they may require a new investigation but the system would reflect this. Those leaving DoD are always in this situation because DoD saved money by not re-investigating.

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Thank you for your response, amberbunny! Yes, being so close to out of scope was one aspect that concerned me. By DoD standard, I’m still in scope technically (6 years instead of 5) but I’m not sure if contractors or their supporting agency go by that standard as well.

Would it be worth it to apply to another company operating under the same contract and see if they make it happen sooner? Or would I simply be in the same boat?

Likely same boat. Sadly, I see when the government is handing a program off to a contract company they aren’t on top of clearances, and it makes a mess if they are not picked up by the contract company. If out of scope, once the government ends sponsorship…they revert to zero.

I also have a question about SCI crossover. When I left my previous job with State just recently, I was not debriefed from SCI because I was suddenly terminated and had to immidiately leave my job.

Now a new potential employer has requested to transfer my SCI from SC over to JPAS a few days ago. Will there be any issues with crossover because I was not debriefed? Appreciate any clarification and thanks in advance.

Your SCI crossover is probably going to be impacted by your sudden termination. You left a lot of your story out of your post.

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Concur with BI. On many occasions my client may administratively forget to close out the SCI. I came across one just the other day. A 5 minute call to the security office and they assured that oversight was fixed, the SCI was administratively closed. Having them shown as “not debriefed,” in and of itself isn’t a golden ticket to maintaining them. And as BI said you will need speak to this termination and immediately leaving the job. Be up front about that. Getting fired, though not fun, isn’t the end of the world. But you need capture it as your job captured it or it appears you are hiding something.

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I also have a question about clearance crossovers. If my reinvestigation is now in adjudication but I am also waiting on the clearance to crossover from DoD to BAE, which they gave me a 30-90 average wait, how likely is it that, at the current 119 day mark, that my crossover is being ‘held up’ because it has not been adjudicated yet?

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Absolutely. They will wait for a favorable adjudication as you were out of scope. Unless you applied to BAE while still actively working with the clearance.