TS/SCI clearance crossover to NGA timeline

I was recently hired as a contractor to work as an intel analyst for the NGA. Coming over from the DIA I was inquiring about how long the clearance crossover process should take on average? They’re both DoD so I don’t see a major holdup. Anyone with experience has a good timetable?

I completed this a month ago and it took me two weeks.

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So does the NGA do their own adjudication for SCI access for was it a straight crossover

Yes they do there own adjudication. Have you had a CI Poly?

I have one previously completed. Should show in Scattered Castles.

As long as everything is within scope I would say a few weeks but no longer than a month.

Ok. I’m just worried that something might happen where it will take longer than usual. Going to the DIA it only took a week for my SCI to adjudicate.

SilverPhoenix96 my situation is a little different, but similar. I left Federal with a full scope TS/SCI clearance to go work for a contractor…in the same building but not for the same agency so there is no 18 month waiting period. I out-processed thinking I would in-process the next day. It has been 4 1/2 months now. I just need my clearance transferred from Scattered Castles to JPAS…that is it…so I hope your waiting time is not like mine but wanted to give you a heads up.

Wow crazy. My clearance shows in JPAS and SC as TS/SCI. NGA does their own adjudication for SCI access so I understand the wait there. Hopefully your situation gets resolved soon.

UPDATE: Still no word. I know the Gov’t is closed on Thanksgiving obviously but is there a good chance I could hear something this week. I submitted my paperwork on 10/30 and still waiting. My recruiter said though that he would’ve heard something by know if there was an issue.

Any word?

Also now waiting for SCI access approval from the NGA after getting a TS.

I’ve heard it’s on average 30 days but my FSO said lately been taking longer more like 60 days.