My clearance is crossing over from DOD to NGA or NGS i forget the new agency

Hi, i accepted a job offer contingent upon my TS/SCI successfully crossing over from DOD to the new agency which i believe was either NGA or NGS. Anyway, i accepted the offer back in August 23rd 2018 and it is now Oct 1st 2018. Its taking alot longer than my supervisor or I was expecting and i have received absolutely no email or notice asking for any information or letting me know if i need to re-submit a new SF-86. My clearance has always been in the DOD agency and this is the first time it needs to cross over to a new agency. Can someone tell me if this is normal to have to wait this long? I keep calling the FSO for the company and she keeps telling me the same thing, they dont know. Also this company is a sub to the prime and they have to go through the FSO of the prime to find out anything and they dont get any updates.

Its been tough since i have been unemployed since Jul 27th and i have been trying to get another job since then.

I can cross over clearances in 3 days. If it takes longer than 5 I can call. Not hearing anything in this amount of time…the FSO should be calling them. Make sure they know your clearance is in JPASS. At times clearance calls and tells me they see no history and I need tell them to check JPASS.

It does suck when you’re trying to get hired by a subcontractor and everything has to go through the prime. Adds more time and a good deal of mystery. I seem to recall one case where the company I was working for had a contract directly with a certain customer and then we got a new contract where we were a sub and our security officer had been working with the government security officer for a long time and they were both commiserating how the new prime (new to that customer also) was a big pain in the access.

But we soon solved that by losing ALL all work with that office :frowning:

I am sure they know its in jpass. how does it only take you 3 days?

apparently they told me 50 people are in the same boat. They also mentioned because of the breach that occured earlier things take alot longer.

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They’ll be blaming said unspecified breach for years to come.

Sometimes clearances do get transferred incredibly fast. One time I went from “you’ll need to do a whole new investigation” to “come down and get briefed” within 24 hours.

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“Care to explain myself?” No, this isn’t Facebook, it’s a professional forum. I routinely cross over people almost every week. If I get it in on Monday, by Thursday I have at least verbal approval; signed approval by Friday. In many cases I get a 24 hour turn around. But I am feeding a 400 person support contract. My client runs their own approval division. I’ve been told on many yes we will approve but want a fresh SF86, and if I can flip that fast, I get fast approval from the same office. If it is further out of scope, It has to go in as an initial. Slow boat to China. 6 to 8 months.

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@jblanc03 I am currently in the same situation. curious if this issue has been resolved for you and how long it ended up taking?

The FSO submits a form to the COTR, who signs approval for person X to work position Y on Contract Z. That is concurrence to send to the clearance division. In turn they act on the crossover request. At times I must put on it to pull JPASS records. Normally when they have a huge turnover. But this is routine reciprocity. As long as you are well within scope, no known transgressions to block…it should cross over within a week.


I am on that boat to China. It took my FSO/CSO 8 days to tell me my crossover was denied, “XOV Denied.”
So she asked if I want to pursue with this job, which I said yes and submit the packet please.
She gave me the same timeline, 6-8 months.
Please, when you have time will you explain what just happened? Does this mean they want a full investigation (DOS Secret) instead of using my DOD Secret to start of with? XOV, is that the abbreviation for “the boat to China is going to be minute?”

Thank you,

Please see other post somewhere about reciprocity that says “The State Department is the most problematic”



State seems to have their own timelines. My past experience was one of stonewalling, and not wanting to assist with even verifying a clearance of a former employee. 8 days isn’t outside the norm to submit a crossover request and get the denial. Particularly over a holiday period. I can tell you from October 31st to about the 10th of January the entire federal government is hard to predict. With a shutdown, even worse. Crossover can be denied due to “un-adjudicated info,” could be minor, might be major, but you would know about a major showstopper. Any arrest is a showstopper for crossover. If your original BI close date is out of scope that too would deny the crossover. Nailing any agency down to a hard and fast rule about what constitutes being out of scope…like nailing jello to the wall. You may think you had the right answer yesterday…today…not much jello still nailed to said wall. My client will tell me everything from 24 months to 5 years, 7 if with them…and everyone denies what the other person said. I have been successful crossing people over who are all over that number map so I know it can be done. Is someone making mistakes? Could be. But it is up to them if they honor the the clearance and cross it over. Sometimes they want a new SF86 for a quick review, other times they want an SF86 with both a crossover form and a re-investigation form…again for a week or two review and approval. Other times I am told no, resubmit as an initial. That is the slow boat to China 6 to 8 month wait.


Thank you for the clarification. I am blessed as I do have a cleared job at the moment while I wait that boat ride. I know some of us in here are not as fortunate, so I will keep counting my blessings. As to the out of scope concept, the last Secret renewal for me was finalized in 2009, so “maybe” that is another reason why it is taking a minute. Someone mentioned to me few months ago that if my last renewal did not have my wife on it (Latvian citizen, on a working visa/green card) this could be another factor. Closest thing to an arrest was a speeding ticket that I went to court for it, and paid the full amount upfront. I did spend close to a decade in Italy as a Service member, which we traveled a lot for training and training. I did however had to do a Foreign Contact form as my mother-in-law still visits us or vice versa. Lastly, I am sure the client who is dealing with my packet at the moment are known to be very thorough and meticulous type. At the end of the day, I am learning a lot being on here and thanks to folks like you. I’ll keep rowing that boat and lets hope the horizon holds a great news.



I think you are calling it correctly. You were just about out of island on the Secret BI, not much there would be valid much longer. So they submitted as an initial. Expect a normal wait of 18 months to 24 months. WIth a few complicating factors…Latvian wife, MIL visits…it may be slowed down here and there. But we live in a global age, so it isn’t unusual for foreign born spouses. I think you will be fine. .


Thank you! I figured I will be rowing that boat to China for a minute.
Thank you for all the help!


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Jblanc03, do you have updates? I am in a very similar position as you. eQIP/SF86 submitted for crossover from DoD early November. Was told it would take 4-6 weeks. Here I am still waiting on a start date!

Sometimes you have to double the numbers and increase the units… so 4-6 weeks becomes 8-12 months. Hopefully not that long… but you get the idea.

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