Clearance Crossover

I accepted an offer with a contracting company back in Mid October. I am currently waiting for my clearance to cross over. I was told in the process should not take that long. The wait is now up to seven weeks and some change and there has been no notification and my recruiting / supervising team doesn’t have much information about the crossover because they are the sub on this particular contract. I am curious on if anyone has had similar issues and how quickly it was resolved or if they are still standing by. Thanks for your time.

Not sure what you mean. If you have a clearance, then literally all they have to do is perform an action in JPAS to sponsor you. It sounds like whatever company you are working for is dysfunctional

If crossing over to a new…community…it can take a bit longer, but I cross folks over from DoD in about 3 to 4 days. I have seen a few Prime/Sub relationships that aren’t the best. I would prod the Prime to talk to the Sub, if they don’t see if you can call the sub. Many a ball gets dropped between the two. About 8 years ago, I shared an office with another contract company. In a major contract rebid, my company did not win, the other company assumed they were prime. I did not receive a call for 3 days so I did not show up at the work site. Long story short, a tiny company in Northern Va won my contract, failed to call me, and they were the prime. My office mates and lets face it competitor relationship quickly went from competitor but cordial…to superior and condescending…to anger and stubbornness. I still got to bug them monthly for the required deliverables, lol.