Security Clearance Crossover

Anyone have issues with your past security office not taking you out of their system or having trouble doing it correctly? Trying to crossover my clearance from one agency to another and they can’t seem to get it right. Not sure what my options are if the point of contact won’t do it right. Any advice or tips appreciated.

Waiting for the same exact thing… don’t get why it is so difficult other than the company not having much incentive to work on packets of people who are leaving the company.

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I thought it was just me. That’s probably a good point, doesn’t seem like it’s a time consuming task to do. I’m on the verge of losing a job offer because of this.

As far as i know, your past security mgr doesn’t have to take you out of the system, you just have to be read off of the programs.

If your security mgr now cant get you crossed over, then it is probably on the end other end not willing to adjudicate you, or the backlog of being adjudicated being large.

All agencies do their own adjudication and some are just turds.

They would simply need to release their hold on you in JPAS so your new place of employment can pick up your clearance. Usually done through your companies security manager.