FSO advised SC to JPAS crossover could be 9-12 months?

Hi, first time poster.

Applied to new contract that will call for a cross over from current SC to JPAS. Recruiter advised per FSO theres no way of knowing how long cross could take from SC to JPAS, said it could be 9-12 months. Recruiter advised customer cant wait that long to fill position, and offer was rescinded.

Can anyone advise if this is an average time to expect a cross over? Any chance FSO is misinformed on time frame? If not, I may have serious issues with bouncing from the VA customer to MD customer…in any position since they are in DOD.


I think that completely defeats the reciprocity rules and is likely bad info. I cross over folks from DoD all the time and can have it done in 24 hours, no more than 72. Except State. They never play nice. Those take months and require numerous signed letters from my client to them before doing anything.

As the candidate I guess I cant refute what the FSO is telling them, I asked if there was anyway they may be mistaken because Ive heard of such incidents, timeline does seem excessive.

I hope to get another job offer soon to put it to the test. Crossing over from the IC to DOD I wouldn’t think should take so long.