WHO Transfers clearances from SC to JPAS?

I am searching high and low to find the answer as to why I have been waiting 17 weeks for my clearance to transfer from SC to JPAS, going from GOVIE to CTR, but NOT on a contract that has to do with where I worked prior so the 18 month deal should not count. If someone can point me in the right direction to get answers before the COTR decides they are tired of waiting and gets rid of me!:flushed:

What did your FSO say?

Same boat going on 4 months now. Wish I knew too. My company’s security team is of no help, telling me to just wait.

Did they try to explain how the process works? What information have they given with regards to the hold up?

My team didn’t. They literally didn’t tell me anything. Now piecing what I’ve seen together, what JPAS needs is a confirmation from somebody on the SC side saying this person has held a clearance and is eligible for X level. JPAS will then update their database to reflect that if you’re sponsored on that side. I’ve seen on multiple forums it taking days to months and nobody knows why or how to speed it up. Now it would seem some good FSOs like amberbunny on here know who to call and how to speed it along. I can only wish we had those kinds of FSOs everywhere.

For Scattered Castles inquires, you may contact the ODNI Special Security Center (SSC) Help Desk on 1-866-304-4238 or dni-ssc-help@ugov.gov.

Same as above my FSO is of no help…nobody can get answers. I have been doing so much leg work out of pure guilt and all I get is that nobody is authorized to discuss with me. The security officer at the contract company originally was told it would be 30 business days …its now been 70

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Are we as clearance holders allowed to use that number. I tried another DoD line many moons ago and they said only FSOs could use that line that I dialed.

I have no idea. I am not an FSO. Worst case scenario they say you cant call them.

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Thanks VelcoTech…I will try but pretty sure I have already barked up that tree.:pensive:

So I called this morning and got nowhere, the woman found my name still in SC but it says I was read out.

Don’t know what that means for my process but the day was correct, it was the day I resigned on my paperwork. She also recommended I call the agency where I came from but I had

already done that, and again the security group there did not know what to tell me.

I went from one Contracting company to another, working for the same customer and it took 60 days for my clearance and it was still present in both SC and JPAS. I dont understand that aspect of the process at all.

It’s a complete black hole, no one seems to know the rhyme or reason as to what takes so long. I am almost at 5 weeks of waiting, SC to SC. Also within 3 months of my 5 year mark, this should be interesting.

There’s been a whole report on the reciprocity issue, hopefully these issues get resolved with the big push to revamp the security process.

Well thought I would keep you in the loop on my progress the ODNI route was a no go, I did what they told me to do

and called my previous agency and no help either. MasonG…I am with you too, I hit my 5 year mark in 5 months. Can we all agree that if anyone

finds anything out or makes any progress that they will keep us posted?

I definitely will. Assuming it ever happens for me

I am in the same situation been waiting since February of this year. There has to be something or rather someone we can reach out to on our end to get this sorted.

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When you called, did you leave a message or did they pick up right away?

They picked up but they were of no help. apparently they will not give me any direction…the FSO, SSO are the only ones that can get answers but when they call they get the same answer…it makes no sense

Ahhh ok. I’ve been sent to voicemail whenever I try. Hopefully we hear in the near future. I will update if I do.

Am I reading this thread correctly? Are government employees not listed in JPAS, only SC?