Department of State Clearances and JPAS

This has been mentioned in previous posts, so to summarize: Apparently the Dept of State maintains its own clearance records, does not use JPAS. DoD and its contracting companies will only consider a clearance verified if it is in JPAS. There is in theory a process for getting a State clearance into JPAS, but companies seem to not want to jump through the hoops or wait (I was told in some cases it can take 6 months). The process requires action by DoD or the company to request action from State etc. - the cleared individual is not involved.

It is frustrating to have a clearance for 30 years, then be unable to prove it to prospective employers. Are there any good/positive stories from former State employees? Any experiences to share or advice to provide? Thanks.

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I have an experience to share, however not a good one. We hired a guy from FBI to cross over to DoD. He had a very niche skill set and we needed him to have a TS/SCI to work. After 11 months we had to let him go because it was never completed. I have HEARD of people going from DoD to state but never back.

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Yeah that seems to be more usual… and usually bad stories. I’ve heard many stories (including my own) of State not accepting current/active DoD clearances but have not heard of the other way round.

I find State nearly impossible to deal with. From outright lies about not having access to a secure phone to abject malfeasance as in “I have one…but it is in secure space and I don’t want to do that to talk to you.” After a while a major 3 letter player I supported refused to even ask State for reciprocity. And there was even a specific form and process to use in the request. I successfully crossed one over and it took 6 months. The other I have up on. They play a long game of waiting you out. The very best way to accomplish this…have your applicant find a small contract company supporting State with part time work. Have applicant source work there…small company has access to both systems but can list clearance in JPASS as well. Once in jpass…you can request to sponsor that clearance as well. Your applicant is happy as they have side money,and your job, you are happy as you beat State at their stupid game and you have a better employee. Its exasperating but how I found to make it all work.