What does a clearance transfer require

When transferring, what specifically does the receiving agency need to get reciprocity? Just seeing your favorable record on SC or JPAS and they take over it? Or do they need all the investigative paperwork along with an arm nd leg from the previous investigation too?

Normally full name, SSAN, address, place of birth, current address, who granted clearance and when, what repository. A simple one page form is submitted and they review. If you are in scope and not running long in tooth, it can be turned around in one day.

Thanks! I found out my agency uses SC. They won’t release the actual files but according to my contacts they will verify all that information should a request be made.

SC to SC is easy peazy, can be done in 24 hours.

I’ll be going SC to JPAS so I’m stuck in a longer waiting line.

I was just originally concerned since my employer was not going to release files which I didn’t know if it was needed for verification. But since it’s just identity and eligibility, I assume I’m just in a queue now.

It takes longer as SC resides on a secure system and JPASS does not. Or at least it didn’t. I think that should change but the government requires so many mom and pop partners…you can’t have SIPRnet running to all these offices, and the government couldn’t fill functions if it was limited to only companies with secure access. It is hopelessly compromised on the JPASS side.

Yeah I was told crossover from SC to JPAS will take longer because only certain IC folk can use it. If only there was a fix for all these hoops for what is basically a five minute query *cough

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Did your crossover ever make it through? trying to figure out a timeline for a similar situation.

Still waiting unfortunately. Been a few months. I think my company’s security team is just incompetent compared to what people like amberbunny can do.