Question about JPAS information - Or lack of it.

Partner and I both used to work for a contractor for the TSA (Screening positions, not administrative), were told the position required a Secret clearance when we applied, filled out SF-86s, and were told our clearances were respectively in order (I had TS/SCI from military already).

Fast forward 5 months after our last day, my partner is told by a hiring manager after interviews for a new job that her clearance can’t be found in JPAS, and that usually TSA only issues Public Trust clearances. Attempted to get ahold of our former company’s FSO, but they’re out for the day. Figured I should check in to see what could be done in the case the FSO cannot resolve it the issue.

Thanks in advance for your input!

JPAS will only show DoD clearances. I used to work for a DoD contractor and our security office had a lot of problems dealing with DHS regarding clearances, so your best bet is to see if you can find a contractor that deals with DHS.

Is there an office within DHS that could be directly queried to ascertain current clearance status? Because the runaround we’re getting with our old company is ridiculous.

Called HR for our old company, they refer me to the company’s FSO. Company’s FSO says that she can’t help because it would be DHS and not DOD, and to talk to the PM/DPM who would’ve initiated the clearance process. The DPM says they don’t have access to any of those files because it was initiated by the prior PM/DPM and to contact HR for the documents they would’ve submitted, but that even though the job opening said secret and that all employees had been tracking they had secret clearances, it was likely only supervisors who had Secret, and HR is out for the day, so I can’t get an answer from them.