Please assist with some questions on Security Clearence

I had a small incident at my work place back in FEB. I was new at work. Basically my Cell phone ended up going with me in my pocket to a classified facility. It was reported and entered in JPAS. The issue was closed internally(The FSO entered the incident in the JPAS). No action was necessary other than an online facility training which was completed. I am working as a contractor. I am on the SAME project since, and my clearances are fine. I just heard that my contract is coming to an end so I started applying at other positions. Few of the positions that I was selected for there FSO could not make a decision as to go forward or not. I have Secret and TS clearance. My Clearances status showed up fine but my name was coming in red which is now becoming a red flag for any new FSO that checks my clearance in JPAS.

I took this matter to our present FSO, and he stated that he has to enter a final report so that some gov department CAF can take a look at it and adjudicate it. The final report was entered last month(not when the incident was closed internally back in FEB). As of now I have not heard anything and my name still appears in red. Making the long story short, I am waiting to start on a new position that requires this issue to be resolved before I can get the permission to work on the new facility.

I am in good relation with my current FSO, and he has sent a RRU yesterday to speed up things(to adjudicate the issue). Can someone please tell me how long it will take. I have lost two offers already and this is a third one, and my contract is coming to an end soon. Is there any way I can start on the new position while the adjudication is in process. The best possible option is to get this issue resolved. Is there something I can do. Can I talk to some department from my side and get this issue resolved. Please assist in any tips or recommendation. I am looking for any help I can get at this time…Much Thanks…