SSO/FSO question

Hi all.

So a new “issue” arose today.

I recently accepted another position with a new company. While they were verifying my Clearance (TS/SCI), they came across An “Adjudication in progress” Statement within SC or JPAS so are unable to continue processing me until that is done.

I recently (Oct) had my PR investigation completed and also an Initial with completed with NSA for a Parttime job within a 2 week time frame from each other.

They should both be in adjudication; PR with DODCAF and Initial with NSA.

Why would this hinder me from being accepted on another contract if the other agency (not DODCAF) could adjudicate me with my old clearance?

Is there any way around this? The Job that my PR was initiated on is taking FOREVER ( Year next month) and i have not been working while waiting on CIA to transfer my file to DIA for that particular position. I’m tired of waiting and now it seems i have to wait on an adjudication that there is no time line on. I’m thinking NSA will be the faster of the 2 investigations to adjudicate but again, i have no time line.

Any advise or info would be appreciated.


If the recent BI or NACS are in scope, you can cross over very easy. If you have a BI in adjudication, they want to see what comes of that first. If they started a new BI, and you really had a bad history and weren’t going to get the clearance…I guess they figure “let the other team make the first call.”

Hi, how are you?

I wanted to check with you regarding this topic again.

A company i previously worked for said that i could use my current cleance for a contract they want to fill until my new PR (DODCAF) or new Initial (NSA) are adjudicated.

I told them what happened when i tried this before with another large company. They were told i could not use my clearance because i am in adjudication for my PR or Initial (depending on job).

I have been told by 2 companies and quite a few SSO on different forums that I cannot use my Clearance that is still current in JPAS because of my status being “Adjudication in progress” for my new PR (JPAS) or Initial (SC).

The SSO for my old company is saying that i CAN use my current clearance even though i am in adjudication for the other investigations.

If it matters, i am currently not working, i am awaiting a Position at CYBERCOM which is taking forever because a particular agency is being “greedy” with my records. SO i figured i could take something else in the meantime.

Did i misunderstand something?
Who is correct?