Suitability with no adjudication

As a BI for a long long long time I never had any problems until being laid off from GDIT when they opted not to renew their BI program. My last update was in 2017 and was a PPR at the time. A month after I was laid off my suitability/eligibility/whatever expired. I also learned that my PPR in 2017 was never adjudicated by OPM and I was simply given a favorable status/determination. Upon applying to an IC position I was told I needed to submit an updated eQIP, which I did and several days later I received an email from the BI vendor saying I had received favorable status from DCSA. However, I am having issues with another vendor due to my clearance status as either they are unable to locate anything in JPAS or they have found that I still am not adjudicated.

My question is how do I get this adjudicated?

Obviously sponsoring the entire clearance process costs a chunk of change, but what if all I need is the clearance to be adjudicated?

Is it a costly or time consuming process where a vendor will not want to bother?

Caveat…For this other vendor I did complete and submit an SF-312, which I have never done before (that I recall). I have worked pretty much all the other BI contracts out there to include intel.

If your clearance is in another repository other than JPASS…you need the new agency to establish a record, contact DOD CAF, request transferability from…say…Scattered Castles. DOD CAF does the research into SC and sees if you are in scope. If so they transfer to the new JPASS agency. It is very easy going from JPASS to SC. It is an easy process to request it in reverse. But it takes anywhere from little time to a lot of time to go SC to JPASS.

Are you familiar with OPM’s own system called CVS? I am wondering if something might show in there.

According to the security manager at GDIT…OPM did not adjudicate most BI’s clearances even though I would have to go through the PR every 5 years like everyone else. Is it a burdensome thing if all that is needed is the adjudication? A contractor would not need to pay solely for an adjudication would they? I am wondering if that is possibly hindering me in finding a job.

Background investigators for OPM go through a Tier 5 but are not actually granted clearances. They are adjudicated for clearance eligibility and the information is stored in CVS/PIPS, as the last poster indicated. CVS/PIPS does not talk to JPAS or SC, therefore the DOD cannot see the investigation stored there. They can request a copy of the investigation from OPM and use reciprocity or review and adjudicate themselves. The problem therein, lies with the someone to make the effort and have the know how to do it.

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@Marko with OPM/NBIB moving to DoD/DCSA will all that data in the old OPM database get migrated to the DoD systems? Part of this whole transfer was that DoD would develop an entirely new system for clearance/investigation data.

Any such transfer could introduce all kinds of unexpected (but predictable) side effects.

The “old” OPM stuff will probably be held in OPM’s legacy system. DoD and OPM already shared ROIs in the past.

Most likely later on down the road DISS will have the ability to see CVS data, just like CVS has the ability to see JPAS data right now.

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