Wrapped up BI/Poly four months ago, still no word

I completed my BI and Poly four months ago. My contractor checked the JPAS and it says ‘No clearance eligibility in JPAS’

Was my clearance denied after the BI and Poly was completed? Or am I still in the adjudication stage?

If someone is under ‘Adjudication’ status, what will be the status in the JPAS?

Please comment. Thanks

Have you tried to call the Freedom of Information phone number? They could shed more light on your situation.

JPAS should show a date when the investigation was complete. I do not think there are any further status updates until the investigation is complete.

These things are taking an extremely long time these days and unfortunately four months is not a very long time.

It has not been denied. It does not show under ‘Adjudication’ status either. Is there a time lag to enter the adjudication status?

This whole process is filled with time lags.

I recently was put in for a clearance with a different sponsor. They used a recent investigation. It still took them nine months to grant a final clearance, with no additional investigation or questions.

I would contact your senator or house rep to help you. Sometimes politicians can get the grease to turn those rusty rusty rusty rusty gears!

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