New To The Process- What Stage Am I In?

Hello everyone. I have recently joined this site and have been browsing around hoping to find an answer to my question. From the information I have gathered and the events that I have completed, I know I have completed my medical exam, my psychological exam, my polygraph exam and my subject interview (BI) with references contacted. Does this mean I am in adjudication or does this mean I am in the limbo before they decide whether to proceed to adjudication or not?

Bit of information, I failed my first polygraph (words of my examiner). Came back the next day for a second. Almost all “failed” questions resolved. I believe I was just nervous. However, there was one question I still showed deception on. I know I was being truthful but I am not trying to contest this. My second polygraph is considered unresolved. Examiner said he will send my results out. Did not say to who.

So back to the question, what stage am I in? Will they let me know if I am denied a clearance? Sorry if this has been repeated a few times, just trying to get a feel of what happens next. I believe it is just a big waiting game until I am either denied or approved?


You likely have at least 3 or 4 months left. As to your poly. I had the same experience. I think it is standard procedure for certain jobs.

You may get a follow up interview to understand and resolve what they call an issue. Or it just flows to an Adjudicator and they make a decision based on total info, whole person concept.

@amberbunny, soooooo… how long before my file hits an Investigators desk? :eyes:

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I’d give it up to 4 months.

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@amberbunny… well alright then…lol.

Also, do you know if they’ll be quicker to tell me if I get denied? I am actually an undergraduate student applying for an internship. I don’t really have 3-4 months left :frowning:

I believe I read somewhere that once you are in adjudication, any updates you make to your SF-86 won’t be seen. Do you believe I’m in that stage or should I continuously send updates if I have any?

Your BI is probably close to being finished.

Now comes the long wait.

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Newtothis1, if you are applying to a certain org (which sounds familiar based on your procedure) your BI may call you to get extra references or information to resolve any loose ends or problems related to the poly.

After that it’s hopefully adjudication.

Other than that wait, you are ‘near’ the end.

Thank you James1219. I hope I am near some sort of end that isn’t pushed too far into the summer. I have another internship waiting but can’t keep putting them off.

In the same boat. When did you do your Poly/Med?

A bird in hand, well you know

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Hi natelee, I did my poly/med March 20/21.

Very true ipsecmerlin. I will give it until my final response date.

March 20/21 of last year? I did mine last summer in June, BI finished in August/September I believe.

Nope, of this year. It was this past month.

Really? And the internship is for this summer? Mine is for this summer as well, but I interviewed last year and did my BI, Poly, Med last summer…

Huh, well that doesn’t reassure me… I applied to the internship posting in July of 2018. The internship page states

General Internship and Co-op opportunities (listed below) for Summer 2019 are currently closed.
The Directorate of Operations Undergraduate Internship Program for Summer 2020 stopped accepting applications on 15 March 2019. Please check back circa early-to-mid December 2019 to apply for Summer 2021/2022 DO internships.

I applied to one of the listings on that page and it specifies for 2019. Did you apply for the Directorate of Operations program? It looks like that one takes a year and a half.

Hi, I guess I misread your post. If you just started your BI and poly on March 20 of this year, your not going to be cleared at least for another year at a minimum. If you have a job in hand take it.

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