Estimated clearance/adjudication time

My investigation was started around mid-September and I passed my polygraph on January 19 of this year which concluded all of the assessments and such I needed to do on my end and was told it would take about twelve weeks for my investigation and adjudication to be completed. It will be 7 weeks tomorrow since I completed my testing and was just wondering if the timeframe that I was given sounded accurate or if I should expect something different.

The answer is…it depends. Probably not the one you wanted to hear but given caseload of investigators/adjudicators coupled also really depends on if you are going for a S or TS. It could go to the investigation reviewer and be kicked back because it needs more information. If this was told to you by an investigator it is possible they don’t see the whole puzzle.

My POC told me it would take 1-2 weeks for the polygraph report to be completed. After that my case would go to adjudication where it would take 2 weeks - 2 months. My case has theoretically been in adjudication for about seven weeks. The person working my case contacted me for follow-up questions twice over the past two weeks. I need to submit a document, and then I think he has all he needs. He said it is “moving along.” At first contact, he said it would be about two months, give or take, at this final (hopefully favorable) stage. So twelve weeks sounds about right. I would think that it depends on several factors, i.e., if you have issues that need clarification, how many others are waiting to be reviewed, agency workload. Personally, I would count on it taking a little longer, and then if it moves faster you will be pleasantly surprised!

I figure that would be the case. I’m just going for a S I believe. I haven’t heard anything back from my investigator regarding needing more info and I know they’ve already interviewed my references and supervisors. I know I won’t get an answer that’s really super specific to me, just wondering if there was a general average timeframe or if my estimate given was somewhat accurate.

If they are asking for a document then you are still in the investigative phase. Your investigation is probably not even complete yet. You still have to go through adjudication which can take up to 90 days or more.

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Awesome. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I should be hearing something then.

They started in mid-September I believe. He called back once and that was only a couple days later from when the investigation started and haven’t heard anything from him since so I figure all is well with that at least. They haven’t asked for anything in a while.

Whoops, just realized you were replying to another poster.

Thanks for the info. I need to call him anyway in the next few days, once I receive the document I need to fax over. So that will give me the opportunity to find out more about the process.

I am just going off what my POC said, “After you finish your poly, it will take a week or so for them to complete their report, then your file goes to adjudications. That process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.”

You had a poly but you “think” you are applying for Secret? I don’t think that I have heard from anybody here who had a polygraph for a Secret clearance but how is it that you don’t know what level of clearance you are applying for?

I can’t remember what the job posting listed. I suppose that is something that I should double-check with my recruiter though.

Any updates yet for you? This is the start of my 9th week of waiting on my clearance decision and no word yet other than still waiting.

Thanks for asking Collin. I faxed over a document and talked with the person reviewing my file last week, and confirmed that he was indeed the adjudicator. He said he has everything he needs (fingers crossed he does not change his mind). He is typing up his report (or hopefully has already done so) and then my case is off to his supervisor for review.

Because he said it would be 2 months-ish at this stage of the game about a month ago, I am going to hold off contacting him again until this time next month. Then I will check back in if need be.

It’s been two months since my poly so hopefully, that means I’ll be hearing something soon too! Good luck with the rest of oyur process as well!

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GREAT NEWS! Found out my clearance was granted today!


10/2016 - INTERVIEW
01/2017 - COE ACCEPTED
01/2017 - SF-86 SUBMITTED
06/2017 - CREDIT CHECK
06/2017 - 10/2017 - REFERENCES CONTACTED
08/2017 - BI INTERVIEW
12/2017 - POLYGRAPH


Congrats! Which department? I was just contacted by adjudication also and i’m hoping i’m near the end. How long after you submitted a response to adjudications did your final clearance come through? I see one month on the timeline I was wondering more specifically…

Congrats. I am a few months behind you but some of my items were in a different order.

Thank you! What a ride. Position is in IC community. I had two contacts from adjudication, most recent one 12 days ago.

Good luck, stay positive!

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Great news and congrats! It’s been just over two months since my polygraph, 1/19, as well so hopefully I’ll be hearing back soon myself!

Just wonderful! Thanks for posting your timeline; we all could use every bit of encouragement that we can. Congratulations and have a fantastic weekend!