How long to submit reports

Hi all - So I had my poly back in March and passed and just had psych exam last week. Is there a specified timeframe in which the reports for these have to be submitted? Just trying to figure out how much time I should allow to pass before inquiring whether or not I am in adjudication. I have already met with investigator back in February, so I’m done with everything on my end.

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You should expect to wait at least 6 months or more. I had my poly and psyche in August 2018. Can I ask how you know you passed the poly? And did you take it in VA or MD?

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@12months…I took it in MD, and the polygraph examiner told me at the end after all of the equipment was taken off. So the wait can be 6 months or more, but do you think 30 days is enough time to wait before I check to see if it has been sent to adjudication? I don’t expect for it all to be done but I wanted to check with my recruiter next month for the status.

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You can call bimonthly typically to check status. They should have given you a number. You can actually call whenever. I call every month or so. Dont expect much progress. I’ve been in ajudication for 5 months now.

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Wow, I hope you hear something soon. I wasn’t given a number, I just have my recruiters contact information.

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Ok, so here’s a question…

How long after passing the poly/psych… should I hear from a BI for my SI?

I had the psych in February and the poly - “failed”… then had to retake it (“passed”) in late March - its been a month to date.

(Also in MD)

At this point, I’m just waiting to hear from the BI for the subject interview.


They have nothing to do with one another, so there’s no telling. Really just depends on the workload in your geographical location.


@investigator721, that’s fair.

I’d like to add that, that this particular IC agency does its own BI and I believe only uses contractors when deemed necessary.

With that said, I’m in Philadelphia (as previously stated this agency is in MD - does that mater logistically?)

  1. Only lived in the same geographical area my entire life.

  2. Only been out of the country once.

  3. Only have had two jobs over the last 11 years.

In your professional opinion, what does all this mean for the length of my BI once it finally starts?

Sorry for the in-depth questioning, just trying to acquire a baseline for my timeline— which I know there’s NO rhyme or reason for it.

Just passed a year in the process…


Patience is a virtue Trey! Wink!


@amberbunny, please stop sounding like my wife!!!.. lol

(Also, thanks for always being so measured!)

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Well I got an email last Friday with a deadline of 5/3, asking for some additional or clarifying information which I submitted the same day. So I guess it’s safe to say that I am not in adjudication just yet.

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@Rkf4ever, that actually could be adjudication… right? Aren’t they known to ask for additional information as well?

@Trey3 I didn’t think about that part, but the email didn’t reference adjudication at all. I would think if it was from someone in that part of the process it would be mentioned somewhere. I just hope that in the event I am not there, I am getting closer to it.

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@Rkf4ever, I’ve actually received correspondence from adjudication in reference to my credit report. I believe there are two parts toadjudication— one maybe during suitability and during the end— but I could be completely off base in that regard.

@Rkf4ever, it’s also very frustrating that your recruiter can never tell where you are in the process.

Yes, that part with the recruiter is definitely frustrating about not being able to get too many specifics. The whole process drives you a little batty, but I think even more so when you know you are nearing the end because you don’t know just how close the finish line is.

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Exactly. Hopefully, you’re closer than you think.

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what kind of psych exam? I was never told I had to do one of those??? I took and passed my poly january 24, have not heard anything since. crickets!!!

@viajera I’m not sure what other levels or agencies have to do, but mine is for Ft. Meade T5 level

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@Rkf4ever, same here.

You hear anything yet?