Email I recieved might mean my investigation is over?

I received an email from the company that is trying to get me a clearance and it seemed part of it may mean my investigation is over and that things are now moving on to adjudication.

The part of it that makes me think that says…
Date of Last Completed Investigation : 2019 06 05”

What do you think?

I think that your investigation ended on June 5. It can take 30 to 60 days before your file is assigned to an adjudicator and then six months or longer before a decision is reached. Of course, it might happen far faster . . .


I think it is the other way around. It takes longer for a case to be assigned to an adjudicator than it takes for an adjudicator to makes a determination. I may be wrong, but an adjudicator has perhaps 30 days (???) to make a determination.


Ah yes and we always wonder when the clock starts and if that is just work days or calendar days (not including holidays or the day before a holiday weekend or the day after the Super Bowl etc etc etc).

Anyway I think the standard has some weasel words in it, like, “the fastest 90% of cases must be adjudicated within XX days”

At any rate, it can take some time.


I just got two out of adjudication today. As each is based on the specific package…hard to say how long they stay. In one case the person was adjudicated on the same day it was assigned. The other was in there 30 plus days, and I have some in there almost 60…still there. But I agree the BI is done, if the other parts are also done, depending on what you are going for (poly, psych review, etc) it now goes to the adjudication office. Pause. Then it is assigned to a person. Pause. Then they work on it, elevating as necessary. And the specific ins and outs, difficulties of the person’s life events come into play.


One of my clients investigation was completed 24 June, 2019. Quite coincidentally, she left the IRS 23 June, 2019 and started working for the VA the 24th of June.
Does this mean the IRS stopped the BI? Or does it mean its waiting on Adjudication?

How will the BI be transferred from IRS to VA? Also, the IRS BI was for a MRPT and the VA requires a HIPT.

What happens now?

This is a good question. Obviously it is in the government’s best interest to have a stable of clearance eligible folks, ready to take on any job requiring a clearance. I myself had a handful come to completion recently…and the people turned down the jobs we had. They were never read in…our clearance division tells us it doesn’t ever show as receiving a clearance, and they do not report to JPASS. I hear of other cleared agencies accepting sponsorship within the JPASS system. It seems with reciprocity, particularly when the cleared agencies all fall under one “clearance repository” such as OPM, it should be as simple as another agency stepping up and requesting via SSAN. I think the hard part is when it is stuck in adjudication for a piece, and the initial agency sends in a cancellation. If nobody is paying to have it adjudicated…I don’t see the government continuing to work on it. And if the person is crossing into the IC (for example) that isn’t using JPASS…I think these records may very well be in limbo.