Adjudication phase



Is it possible to contact the adjudicator after investigation case had been closed? Do they take 90 days or longer to make decision or someone will take it within 90 days to check it ?
My potential employer security person is not answering my phone calls!!! I assume he does not want hear me asking my clearance status.


You will not know who the adjudicator is unless they reach out to you. They will get to your case when they get to it based on workload. You personally cannot influence the speed at which they do so.


So is it fair to say that everyone’s case is already pre-assigned to an adjudicator? And if so, regardless of the tenor of the applicant’s file (whether it’s relatively easy or presents challenging issues), it all just depends on the adjudicator’s existing workload? And is there another level of review beyond that of the adjudicator, like a quality assurance check (i.e. second level review), before the final decision is communicated to the applicant?


I’m sure adjudicators have a level of supervision above them that oversee their work…


I mean what does it matter?

You can’t influence it and having insight won’t matter either.


True. It’s all a crapshoot.

Only thing for certain right now is NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, engineered by APL, which had a successful liftoff at 3:31 AM this morning, and is on an incredible journey to touch our Sun. The spacecraft is designed to withstand 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit while maintains its inside environment and instruments at room temperature. Absolutely amazing.


Isn’t that awesome? I can’t wait to see the data the probe collects.


I know I can’t influence the speed of it, but is it true that they have 90 business days to make a decision ?


It will need to have a much higher temperature tolerance if is intended for the probe to get close to the sun!


No one really knows.

If you had this information, how would you measure it?


You really seem to have all the answers!


I think the NASA engineers and scientists have a pretty good idea of temperature tolerance for their spacecraft… lol. Best part for working on such awesome stuff? They don’t need a security clearance!