Adjudication not in JPAS

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I’m currently a background investigator employed by CSRA/GDIT to work on the OPM/NBIB contract. I received an email in 01/2018 stating that I was given a favorable determination to work on the OPM/NBIB contract. Since February of 2018, I’ve been working as a background investigator thinking I have a top secret clearance.

Long story short: Someone looked me up in JPAS and said that my adjudication information was not in the system and it just had my name, dob, social security, etc. Why am I not in JPAS if I was officially adjudicated in 01/2018 and my current job requires me to have a clearance? Who should I contact to get more clarification?

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What I’m sure about: Your job does not require you have to a clearance. Your job requires you to have a favorable determination on a Tier 5 investigation. That is not a clearance, that is the investigation used to justify your clearance. You do not have Top Secret clearance.

What I’m less sure about: Your investigation is stored in CVS, not JPAS.

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Yeah I kind of wrote that blurb in frustration and panic. I understand that I have a favorably adjudicated and now understand that i need a favorable determination for my job.

The person who looked me up said that I had a profile in JPAS, but as I said, it only included my full name, dob, and social security number.

Do you have any idea how I could request for my investigation stored in CVS to be visible in JPAS?

Thanks for your reply.

I do know that it is possible to see information on CVS while on JPAS, but unfortunately I do not understand either system well enough to provide more information. I’m currently awaiting my T5 and hoping my Army Guard unit can use that investigation to grant me DOD TS. But it’ll be a few months before I try to cross that bridge.

Thanks again for responding. I’m frustrated because I’m not sure if my background investigation information isn’t stored in JPAS because OPM is so slow or if that information just isn’t stored in JPAS at all.

I wonder if there is a contact number/email for JPAS to get further clarification. That would be extremely helpful for people who are newer to the security clearance scene.

Is the current clearance your going far with the same agency that your last clearance was with? The reason im asking is, in JPAS for DoD it shows all of my previeous DoD Clearnces, in JPAS for my DoS it showed at first that I had never held a clearance. So the “guy” that is checking for you needs to beable to access JPAS for the agency your tring to get a clearance for.

I heard there was a new system coming out to replace JPAS, wonder if it will have more capability in this area, that is, seeing into other databases.

I was just at a military installation last week and an individual was able to look me up in JPAS in order for me to gain access to the building for an interview. The person told me that I did have a clearance but no access.

I remember the last time that Sideshow Bob visited a military installation . . .