Full SSBI but no clearance


I have recently went through an SSBI and was told by the company security officer that I was cleared to work for a certain government entity although the entity does not grant clearances. I was also told that this was the equivalent of TS clearance, which is good for 5 years. However the result of the SSBI is not showing in JPAS, and I am not able to receive offers that require TS. Has anyone ever dealt with something similar? Thank you so much.


A certain Government entity that does not grant clearances but says you are cleared? Did you sign an SF-312 after being briefed in? Who conducted the investigation? No one here will be able to give you advice based on the info you provided, there are key points missing. I would suspect that an IC agency conducted their own investigation, favorably adjudicated it, and granted you the clearance in Scattered Castles, hence why it is not showing up in JPAS. Any agency wanting to hire you would just need to check SC for the information.


No SF-312. Investigation was conducted by the FBI. Thank you @ Marco.