Approved for TS/SCI FSP, No entry level jobs? Transferring Questions

Approved for ts sci with fs poly with a 3 letter intel agency. The company that did my clearance seems to only have experienced positions and none that are entry level. Does anyone know if it would be possible to transfer the clearance even though I have not been read on? I remember reading that my clearance does not appear in Scattered Castles or JPAS until I am read on to a program. Does anyone have experience with how transferring this clearance would work?

I’m confused… didnt they have to make you a job offer before they could start processing you?

Anyway, if you were cleared through NSA or DIA I’m pretty sure your completed investigation should show up in JPAS. CIA, no. I don’t know about NGA.

Do you know the date your investigation was completed? I’m sure you know the date of your last poly :persevere: You could put that on a resume, something like, ‘favorably adjudicated for access to SCI on 1 March 2018’ or whatever.

Yes they made me an offer awhile ago before even starting the clearance but the positions available now on the gov contract are all senior level so I would have to wait who knows how long until one opened up that matches my level. I have my BI, Poly, and Approval dates but if my clearance doesn’t appear in jpas or sc I’m not sure how to transfer it I have not been read on so I don’t have an active sci or active clearance at all yet.

Well, hang in there, I’m sure they are trying to find a slot for you because once they do, you can start working the job and they can start making money off you :+1: But don’t let that stop you from looking around in the meantime

You will show up in JPAS as “eligible” and another company will be able to see that and bring you on board. You don’t have to worry about how, that’s up to them. Start looking around, your eligibility is a VERY valuable commodity.

Would this be the case with CIA as well? Squirrel said CIA doesn’t appear in JPAS.

JPAS is a DoD system of record but CIA is not under the DoD umbrella. DIA, NGA, NSA, and NRO nominally fall under DoD but SC is the program used by the IC. Other caveated programs run on other systems.

As Ed said, a TS/SCI/FS is very valuable to employers. Depending on your skill set and experience you should be quite employable.