JPAS went from showing TS/SCI to only TS...what to do?


I recently left a contracting job due to loss of funding and moved forward with another company. I completed the entire process, including the security portion, and received a start data. The position required a TS/SCI clearance, which I have had my entire time in the IC. This was even verified by the security manager for the new company before I started.

The day before I was supposed to indoc, I received a phone call from the new company informing me that the SCI adjudication on my clearance was no longer showing in JPAS and that the site security would not let me indoc. They needed people quickly, so they told me that they would not be able to continue my indoc. They pulled the offer from me and now I’m having a really hard time finding a new job.

How would the SCI portion of my clearance just disappear from JPAS? Every job I have worked in the seven years I have been in the IC has required SCI. My clearance and the adjudication went through the 5 year reinvestigation at the end of 2013 without a hitch, but as soon as the security manager from this new company sponsored me for this contract, I “no longer” have SCI.

This has already kept me from getting hired for two jobs, but I have no idea how to get this problem fixed.

Is there someone I can reach out to about this problem? I don’t currently have a sponsorship for a contract, so I don’t have a security manager to speak with about the matter.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have the exact same issue and I just completed a contract position that required an SCI four months ago. Former Security Manager said that she has no idea how this could happen.