Does JPAS Hold SCI?

Hey guys, got the strangest call today.

My security mgr for a new contract with IC agency was checking my clearance and she said that my clearance in SC only shows TS with TK, GAMMA, etc…No SCI

I told her my last few contracts were Army so my most current clearances wouldn’t be in SC, they would be in JPAS.

She said that means that I don’t have SCI because “JPAS does not hold SCI”. I’m pretty certain this isn’t correct because I have seen my clearances in JPAS with my own eyes, Its shows TS with SCI eligibility date and my polys.

My most recent PR was 2019 and i was sent an email from DODCAF that my TS/SCI was re-adjudicated.

So my question is:

Does JPAS actually hold SCI or does SC only hold SCI?
I am thoroughly confused on this one.

The new contract is with an IC agency, not DOD service so they use SC.
She said she doesn’t have access to JPAS for this contract.


You’re right, JPAS shows “eligibility” for SCI.

That security manager needs a refresher course in what SCI is.

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Oh wow, what is this?

SCI is a collection of different control systems, each with compartments and sub-compartments. Each top level control system generally pertains to a specific type of intelligence.

TK and GAMMA are two such examples of SCI control systems.

I was being somewhat sarcastic. I feel like the quality of people that have access to these systems seems to really be going down. Maybe the Security Manager needs a refresher course.

I was also confused by that first quote.

Yeah, that is what she said…Sounded strange to me so that is why i came here.

JPAS is no more. It has been replaced by DISS.

@Marko posted some info about the rollout of DISS, worth a look.