FSO Could not find my new TS/SCI wCI Poly

I am in process of getting a new job in MD area and the FSO could not find my TS/SCI and I was told that I have only Secret. I dont understand what’s going on. My current company telling me that I have TS/SCI wCI Poly because I am getting the salary for that position which requires TS/SCI so how do I navigate this situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Any information @Marko?

If TS/SCI was granted by an Intelligence Community agency then the repository for that information is in Scattered Castles. The FSO does not have access to it, only what was formerly known as JPAS - he would need have a security person from the government agency for whom your company is working for to request that information from the granting agency.

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No it was granted by DoD and it is currently sitting in JPAS and the company I am in process with wants to verify it but they could not find it, although dozens of other companies checked my clearance and had no issues finding my TS/SCI but this particular company has this issue. They told that they only see my Secret clearance not TS/SCI so I dont know what to say to them.

This particular company saying to me that my current company might be holding it and not making it public, is this even possible?

I ran into something similar. It’s because of the way the data is listed in JPAS. At the very bottom of the text entry it mentions the specific clearance category. People were reading just the top part . Have them scroll through it line by line, preferably with you, and read the entire content. Ask to read it yourself. And have someone else do it.