Second job ideas for underworked contract investigators

The work slowdown for contract investigators shows no signs of abating. Any ideas for temporary/part-time jobs that require secret or TS to help make ends meet? I understand that applying for a cleared job is more involved than driving Uber.

If I am hired to work as, say a security escort at a secure facility (a job that requires a clearance but not really much else in the way of qualifications) for company B, does my clearance need to be transferred away from company A, my current company I contract for doing OPM investigations? I don’t want to leave company A, it’s been a good job overall, but the current slowdown is creating an income gap that needs to be filled. Can company B see my TS clearance in JPAS and just put me to work? Thanks in advance for the wisdom.

I think for Contract Investigators, it’s not a fully adjudicated TS. I think its favorably adjudicated up to a TS. The slow work is odd…I don’t think the work will ever come back.

Can you explain the difference between “favorably adjudicated up to a TS” versus “a fully adjudicated TS?” I have never heard the phrase “favorably adjudicated up to a TS.”

Looking at a copy of my own package here (folks, everyone should FOI a copy of their BI) it was an SSBI case. In the agency use block it says “access: top-secret.”

Nothing about adjudication is shown, but again the phrase “favorably adjudicated up to a TS” is unfamiliar to me and honestly doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps an adjudicator or someone knowledgeable about that aspect can chime in.

In general, you are adjudicated to a TS. You may not have any access to classified information. You have the adjudication to the TS because you occupy a high risk, sensitive position.

You are cleared for TS, if needed, but you are not read into any programs. On a resume, you can safely list that you were adjudicated for a TS through a completed SSBI.

Here is another way to explain this concept. You might be trained and licensed to drive the OPM 18 wheeler (big rig) for your job, but OPM only needs you to drive the delivery van. You are still eligible to operate the OPM big rig, and might need some additional training for currency, but you don’t need the keys to the OPM big rig today. If you were hired to drive someone else’s big rig, let’s say, FBI’s big rig, they might accept your original big rig experience, but want to check out your credentials themselves. You were still licensed to drive OPM big rig, and the government is okay in general with you driving their big rigs - but the FBI wants to re-qualify you before allowing you to drive their particular big rigs.

Just trying to simply something that people keep wanting to complicate.


I work for FEMA as a reservist. There’s plenty of openings as fema reservists in different cadres. You already have a TS clearance and they only require public trust. You can deploy for 30 days or 11 months depending on the cadre, disaster, and you. You can Message me and I will direct you in the right direction if your interested.

I’m curious why you say that everyone should FOIA a copy of their own BI. Can you elaborate on why you think so?

Sure. Your BI is like your credit report: It’s a document about you, written by someone else, that other people use to make very important decisions about you. It is in your interest to verify that it is accurate, just like it is in your interest to pull your credit reports annually. If your credit report contains inaccurate or false information, no one else is going to catch those mistakes - that’s your job. The credit bureaus think your reports are fine and will take no action unless you make some noise.

Same with your BI. OPM is satisfied that your report is complete and accurate. Only you are in a position to find mistakes and correct them.

My own BI was straightforward, no significant issues. My investigator was professional and thorough and complete. No complaints. I didn’t find any problems in the copy of the investigation that I FOI’d. But enough people have complicated cases that surely some errors creep in there.

In addition it’s interesting to read what other people say about you. The old boss who (sniff!) barely remembered me. The neighbor who said nothing but nice things even though I took a month to finish a job on my house with his pressure washer. (I gave him a six-pack when I returned the washer.) And so on. Also, if someone had said something dimly derogatory about me - let’s say an old boss alleged I had a temper problem - that’s a good FYI for me to work on and mitigate with current and future employers.

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Right you are. We do NOT have TS clearances but are only “TS Eligible”! Companies like to hide that little fact.

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