Lost contract job while TS SSBI Investigation was almost done.

Hello I was recently working as a contractor and the contract came to an end. I did the job for over 2 years. the SSBI was open for over 2 years too,

A few recuriters have helped me and searched into the JPAS system to see where i’m at.

I now have in interim secret clearance + an Open SSBI investigation for a TS.

my SSBI investigation was open for over 2 years. And shockingly the interviews were completed around the time that my employment with the contractor ended.

i’m hearing that i need to find a ‘new’ job/contract soon where the employer will be open to picking up my investigation so that the investigation can be completed and the TS is adjudicated.

am i correct with the info i have gathered?

Essentially yes. There are several moving parts and pieces, and depending on where you work the client has differing rules for how long information is good for. If you hired on with a new sponsor and they wanted to sponsor the TS (assuming they had a TS billet to fill) they would submit a crossover request. The available and in scope information would be gathered and used. If any piece wasn’t in scope it gets repeated. Several of my crossover requests were slightly out of scope but with the same client. They requested a new SF86 to review.
If there was nothing standing out, assuming an honest applicant, they crossed over fine. A few of the DoD clearances fell into the same boat, same process and we were able to get them crossed over with a new SF86. If they were “just to far” out of scope I am informed they must submit an Initial SF86…goes to another office, and takes a long time. I call that the slow boat to China route. Could be 3 months, could be 8 months, could be 12 months…


Thank you very much. This all makes perfect sense. i appreciate this clarification.

I also have another valid question.

Since i have an Open SSBI investigation and i’m currently unemployed how much longer will it remain open?

A month? 2 Months? 3 Months?

I do have some concern that i might (loose) the Open SSBI.

Do I need to (quickly) find another contract/job that will pick up the cage code for this Investigation and allow for the OPM to finish the process so that it can be adjudicated?

i’m now about to do an interview with a similar type of job i just ended. The clearance requirement is

Must be eligible to obtain a sensitive clearance – Position of Public Trust – and may be required to obtain a higher security clearance

Since i have an Interim Secret + an OPEN SSBI that was completed. Does this new employer need to begin a ‘new’ investigation to get a public trust to do this job?

From my understanding Public Trust Clearance is a lower level of clearance.

i think i read that a clearance is not transferrable? how does that work?

Not sure you ever got an answer on this. Yes clearances are crossed over all the time. Or a company assumes sponsorship. It is easiest if in the same domain, such as JPASS, or both in Scattered Castles. It would seem logical that most everything required for a Public Trust is also covered in a Secret NAC, and all of those are covered in a TS BI. So if you wanted a lower cleared position…the agency owning that seat, should be able to cross you over at the lower level…but that is logical and this community does not always follow linear, logical thought.