Security Clearance Concern

Hi everyone,

So here is my question: I have a had a TS/SCI clearance for close to two years. I’m currently and have been in a cleared position however I am looking at taking some time due to a personal situation soon. If I were to resign from my contractor that is my cleared position how long would I have to obtain a new cleared position? Second question: my background investigation close date was May 2019 and my Adjudication date was May 2019 so that being said how long would my BI remain “in scope”? My concern is leaving a position and letting my BI expire and then starting the process over again. To my understanding for TS clearance 5-6 is the norm for a reinvestigation. I hope I am being clear enough but I am trying to figure how long and when my BI would be out of scope. Thanks in advanced!

Well in the old world a TS was good for 5 years from close date and that changed to 6 years. Now with Continued Evaluation there pretty much won’t be re-investigations any more unless you have issues come up that warrants one. You now are simply evaluated on a continued basis. If you leave your current employer and he drops his relationship with you, you have 24 months, by the regs, before your eligibility becomes inactive.

Thanks for the response and sorry for such a delayed message. I obviously don’t get on here often. Happy new year’s!!