Question About Leaving Cleared Position

I have a question. I currently a contractor with a TS/SCI. My 5 year reinvestigation date is at the end of August 2023-my last PR is dated August 2018. I have just been enrolled in Continuous Evaluation.

I plan on leaving my job at the end of this August to do full time language study overseas for up to 14 months. Would I get the full two years before my clearance would have to be entirely redone, or would I have less time?

Living overseas full-time will no doubt complicate matters quite a bit.


I think it’s an acceptable risk. I’m planning on talking to my SSO and my customer’s security before I announce my departure. I’d prefer to not do that more than a day before giving two month’s notice, so I’d like an idea of what to expect for planning purposes.

I’m prepared to do whatever I need to mitigate the overseas travel issues and would try to minimize any activity that would be reportable.

It can seem a flag to SSO to depart for foreign life while cleared. Certainly if it is a country of questionable concern(Iran, China, Afghanistan, Russia, etc). Not saying you are dirty…just saying if you wish to return to cleared life you will need all that scoped