TS/SCI: "active/current/lapsed" and living abroad

Hello all,

I’m trying to square some contradictory answers I’ve gotten from various sources. I had a TS/SCI before I left the military, and several intel guys assured me that once I left, my clearance would no longer be “active” but would remain “current” until its expiration in five years - I guess meaning that it could be “reactivated” without requiring a re-investigation. According to ClearanceJobs, that period of time is two years if I’m not in a job where I’m using the clearance. I’ve also read 60 days. All of the sources seem to be authoritative. Can anyone say with a high degree of certainty what the answer is?

Second question: I am currently living in Central America, working in technology sales for an American-owned company. The country turns a blind eye to American “permanent tourists” who work here on tourist visas because they spend a lot of money and don’t cause any problems. I still file taxes in the US. Would my applying for residency – not citizenship, obviously – be a deal-breaker in a re-investigation? (The motivation being that it just makes my life easier not having to constantly leave and re-enter the country to renew my visa and driving privileges). Also, how does living abroad (Central America – not talking Pakistan here) generally affect a TS/SCI? I imagine I’d have to answer a lot more questions, but is it putting in jeopardy any chance of renewal?

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.

Can’t really address the residency issue but I would assume that it depends on the reason for your request and country.

I can assure you that your clearance only remains “current” for two years but some agencies will work around that, within reason, if they really want or need you.

Thank you @EdFarmerIII, it’s good to finally have a definite answer on that.

Re: non-citizen foreign residency, I’m pretty sure dual citizenship is a deal breaker because it constitutes ties to a foreign country that begs questions of loyalty (might be wrong?). So maybe another way to phrase the question for anyone else that might know: is legal residency status of any other country a deal-breaker outright because it constitutes official ties with a foreign country?

I don’t think that there is a “definitive answer” to this one. It depends on the agency, the country, the need, etc.

I would think that you will be making your cleared life more difficult though.