Interviews Completed but Investigation "ongoing and pending"

My TS clearance is being handled through the federal agency that is hiring me. I had my personal interview in October and all of my references had been interviewed by early November. No one has reached out to me with additional questions or for more information. However, when I called to inquire about the status of my clearance I was told that the investigation is “ongoing and pending” but was given no other details.

I don’t have a criminal record/drug history/etc. However I did live abroad for several years and am married to a foreign national (Canadian) and therefore have a pretty extensive travel history and listed a fair number of foreign contacts (although I stressed in my personal interview that I’m only “bound” to a couple of them). I also provided additional references who were able to confirm my activities while I was abroad.

Does anyone have any insight into why the investigation is ongoing and how much longer it might take?

Additional coverage is required when foreign national spouses are involved and then the adjudicators must thoroughly review any possible foreign influence concerns. It is not unreasonable for you investigation to take 120 days and then another 30-60 for adjudication, depending on the agency.

Thanks Marko, that’s helpful information. I had a couple of follow up questions as well:

  1. My understanding is that they run a “local records check” for each city you’ve lived/worked in over the last 10 years, how do they deal with these checks if you were living abroad?
  2. A couple of people mentioned that my extensive travel would slow down the investigation because it takes time to verify. In my case I was already living abroad when I was traveling so my flights didn’t originate/end in the US. How would they work around this?


The U.S. Embassy in the country you were living in coordinates with host nation authorities for the local checks. Interpol is also queried. Your travel is just reviewed and attempted corroboration is done through the other sources.

Never, ever admit you are bound by affection to any foreign national, dummy. Kiss off TS.

Disregard the advice given from the last participant. Better to disclose and go through the Q & A to get it mitigated/resolved, than come back later and bite you for being dishonest.

I disagree. You need to define bound by affection a little more. Too many folks include a third cousin who they have no contact with. That is nonsense. Employ common sense!!!