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Hello all. I am a Military Officer, currently going through the TS/SCI process. I was interviewed by an Investigator in October, who told me he was almost done with his portion of my investigation (it seemed like he was coordinating several other of my reference interviews also). However, I just checked with my Security Officer, and the investigation wasn’t done until 23 December, two months after he said it was nearly done. Is this something I need to be worried about? I had some financial issues (all paid off, or on a payment plan, all documented and provided at the interview), and an arrest for carrying a concealed weapon when I was 13 (almost 30 years ago). They were having trouble finding any info on the weapons charge, since the records have long ago been expunged. I was as honest and forthright as possible about all issues. I’d appreciate any insights from Investigators or Adjudicators. Thanks!

You have answered your own question . . .

He was done with HIS portion . . . There’s other work to do before the investigation gets closed. It moves up the chain for review and then, possibly, goes back down for some rework. You say that he may have been coordinating reference interviews? They certainly could have taken longer than expected.

I don’t think that you have anything to work about in that area.

Great, thank you. I was confused because the way he made it sound, the investigation was almost done. I didn’t realize there were follow on actions associated with it. Thanks again.

I concur with what Ed said. I also had an investigator telling me that the investigation is almost done, only later I found out that there are multiple people doing separate investigations not interacting with each other. So it ain’t over til it’s over.

A seasoned investigator will normally tell you there are three things they can’t tell a Subject: will you get your clearance/position (they don’t know), when the investigation will be completed (they don’t know), and who they are interviewing (not supposed to tell you).

Cases can sit in the holding pattern for any number of reasons, all out of any investigator’s control.

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Yes to all backgdinvestigator posted. There are just too many variables in these cases that an Investigator should be commenting on time periods.