How long can I leave a Cleared Position and keep clearance when PR is due soon?


I have a TS SSBI and the PR Investigation is due March 18 based on original DOD 5 year PR time frame. I am debating taking a chance to learn new skills in my field (IT) and taking a opportunity that only requires a Public Trust. This new position will involve me in cloud/devops which is the new big thing in Government. So this is a great opportunity. However I don’t want to lose my TS clearance.

I have heard the new DOD policy for for PR investigations is 6 years so now I have a few questions…

What is my new TS SSBI clearance expiration date based on DODs new policy?

If I take the Public Trust job in Dec 2017 when is the last absolute day for me to get back into a TS cleared position to retain my clearance?

Is there any way to reactivate my clearance after I go pass the TS SSBI clearance expiration date in an uncleared position? Any limits on time frame?

PR is being phased out for some in DOD in ‘18. Continuous evaluation is quickly becoming the new standard—we’ll see how that goes.

Expiration in general is 2 years after you leave the cleared position. 12/2019, you’d need to have secured a cleared position. You’ll need an entirely new investigation after that.

Not entirely sure what would happen if you need a PR and the switch to CE happens for the agency you’d be working for. Logic would dictate new SF86, maybe a shortened investigation.

Thanks for your response. What I have found in the past is that companies will not talk to you unless you have an active clearance. I don’t want to be in a situation where I have an inactive clearance (but valid within 2 years) and in a situation where no companies will talk to me because it will require investigation. They use to make up ridiculous reasons back in the day for not wanting to pay for investigations. Never figured out if that was a lie or not. I thought the federal Govt pays for all investigations.

Hey just curious if you ever figured out a legitimate answer to this? I’m in a similar boat and trying to get some clarification.

The new PR re-investigation is every 6 years from your PR investigation close/adjudication date. If you leave a cleared job and come back within the 6 year period (as long as it has not been more than 2 years) your clearance can be reactivated. If you leave a job near the end of the 6 year period and return after 6 year period your clearance can be reactivated after the 6 year mark but most likely your new company will require you to submit a new PR before you start (again as long as it hasn’t been more than 2 years). If at any point you leave a cleared job for more than 2 years your clearance will need to start from scratch, Hope that helps.