Confused on my clearance and the term " re-certify."

I received my initial clearance Nov. 2007 (TS/SCI) and have not had a re-investigation since. I got that while in the military. I left the active military Dec. 2011, joined the reserves and got out of the reserves June 2015. After leaving active duty I was never “read out.” Same thing for the reserves.

Time jump to late July (2017), I was trying to go back active duty and met with the FSO at MEPS and was told my TS/SCI was still active because he did not see any dates of me being read out, nor any dates of expiration for my clearance. With this information I started contacting a few companies looking for analysts. The first one I call says yes no problem, we will get your clearance “re-certified” by the DIA and you are good to go. So I jumped at that opportunity and have since been approved by the hiring manager and am now in the DIA’s “security approval stage.” I contacted a few other companies who told me no way I have been out of scope for years and my secret is set to expire next month.

So, I am pretty confused. I did not fill out any security paperwork (SF-86 or anything like that) with the contracting agency for the DIA position.

What does the term “re-certify,” mean? Is my investigation from 2007 really enough to be re-certified? I just have so many questions about my clearance but am just wondering if anybody has any input into what I described.


Likely they will seek an interim clearance and then submit you for a full Re-investigation. You are correct at 10 years it is long in the tooth. My current client will only cross over clearances if the BI close date is 5 years or less from another source and 7 years or less if it was from them. They get iffy when the BI date approaches 56-60 months out. You are correct almost nobody in DoD gets “read out.” unless you are on a direct contact missile program or special weapon system. For a period the Air Force had cleared personnel out process through the Personnel Security office and you were formally debriefed and read out, reminded of your obligations, if you write a book it must be reviewed, etc. Honestly I think we all lost something as that practice ended.