Top Secret/SCI to Secret due to not needing that level due to new job

Greetings and Salutations. I had a TS/SCI since 2011 when i was in the reserves. I got out a year later. My current job only requires a secret.I got downgraded in 2014. Does that I mean I will get re-investigated 10 years from when I began my job? Any info would be appreciated, of course.

More likely, ten years from the date your last investigation was completed.

There is some talk of requiring five year updates for secret as well, but given the massive and continuously growing backlog, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

That would be awful and hellish for everyone. If the process takes forever as it is now, can you imagine everyone conducting PR every 5 years. I know that a few months ago the TS PR have changed to 6 years instead of every 5 years.

I would expect a 10 year review, unless you are with the DOD still. They are allowing clearances to continue and get out of scope. My company works with a temp agency providing cleared people. I have to eliminate 50% from the crossover-able pool as they are leaving active duty with BI’s older than 5 years.
My current client will not cross over if you are 60 months removed from the last BI close date.
It would be awful if everyone had to repeat each 5 years. Right now the pace has increased for clearances in my location and we now average 8 months to the day for Secret clearances. This past year it was 12 months. Hoping to get it back to 4 to 6 months by fall.

@amberbunny is correct. However, other non-DoD/IC/DOE agencies have already transitioned to the 5 year reinvestigation for all clearance holders, and don’t have to meter the release of investigations or wait for the DoD CAF to adjudicate because they process to OPM and adjudicate the cases themselves.