Secret Clearance fall-off/update/renewal

Hopefully you can understand what I am trying to ask here…

I was awarded my TS clearance in Nov 2010 and worked for that job for 2 years (left this job Nov 2012). My next job only required a Secret clearance and I worked there from Nov 2012 - May 2017. I know the TS fell off because I wasn’t working with a job that required it. I took a new job this past May 2017 and the job only requires a Public trust. Does that mean my secret clearance will fall off in 2 years?

Also, the security officer at my new/current job (the job that I started this past May 2017) told me that my Secret clearance is up for an update come this Oct/Nov 2017 and that I would have to contact my company for the paperwork. So, when the clearance update does come around, does that mean I will not be able to have it updated because my current job only requires a Public Trust? I thought secret clearances needed to be updated every 10 years but he told me that it was now every 7 years.

If I am not able to have my Secret clearance updated this fall 2017 and I obtain a job with in the next two years (before my clearance falls off) that requires a Secret clearance, will that job do the update for me and make my clearance current?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Once you left the position that you had the clearance for you should have been debriefed and your clearance inactivated. Reinvestigation timeline for all clearances are now 5 years, although DoD has not yet implemented this change. Public Trust positions are also every 5 years, so you will have to complete some type of background investigation regardless. If you move into a position requiring a clearance most likely you will undergo a new investigation to meet current standards.

Marko I was under the impression that if I left the DOD/ US Army on 3/2014 in which I worked as a contractor, my Secret clearance was good for 10 years was I wrong

An agency or other cleared contractor can use your last investigation to request a clearance under reciprocity if it closed within the last five years and you have do not have more than 24 months since you last held an active clearance.