Clearance at my job

If my job once required us to have a security clearance and now they do not, will my clearance expire as long as I stay at this company or will it still be maintained?

Two years . . . Once you have not been in a position requiring a clearance for two years, it will expire.

So even if I’m at the same job that needed it before, they will let it expire? Do they have to inform you that it is no longer needed and it will expire in 2yrs?

In your case, I don’t know how you will be notified. But, if you are in a position that does not require a clearance, your clearance will expire in two years.

Now . . . I suppose that your company could have you doing non-cleared work and maintaining your clearance. I suggest talking to your FSO and learning exactly what they are doing.

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Ed is right. I find many companies and DoD do not stay on top of terminating clearances when a person moves across the hall to a non cleared position. If DSS inspects and looks at cleared folks and asks when they last worked classified stuff…it can lead to a write-up. But not one with enough oomph that companies will always do what they are supposed to do. Mainly because it takes long to get people cleared. And if future work comes down requiring clearance you can be assigned to work it. But a Secret, left to its own merits will linger 14 years without any action if nobody asks about it. Had several in my company in this situation. Now I stay on top and requst re investigations at year 9 for my Secret cleared folks and year 4 for TS Poly positions.

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When do you ask for re investigations for public trust holders?

Pubic Trust positions require a reinvestigation every 5 years.

@Marko, is the reinvestigation for Public Trust a new requirement (2011 or 2012) or it has been around? I read somewhere that OPM objected to it, but had to comply with an executive order. This led to my thinking that this must have been a relatively new requirement.

It is not new, some agencies have just not complied with the timelines. Or, you may have had a PT investigation and then been redesignated low risk.

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