Do I still have Secret?

I had a TS/SCI/FSP for literally over 20 years, but I went to work in a field that didn’t require a clearance and my TS went out of scope in 2014. Fast forward to today and I’m looking for work and want to get a clearance again. I had been told an employer would have to resubmit me as “initial” but today I heard that I might still technically have Secret because that expires in 10 years.

Is this true? Is there any way I can verify it? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Two years of not working in cleared positions will expire your clearance. You need to start over from the beginning. It might go faster than those who were never cleared but it might not.


Thanks for the quick reply!!

I concur with EdFarmer. Two years of inactivity and the clearance becomes expired. I have held a DOD secret clearance within 5 years of applying for new DOD secret, and it still took 24 months to process. Good luck.

Out of scope for 4 years gives one a long time to get into bad stuff. I have had many Secret DoD clearances crossover after a quick review of a new SF86. If out of scope too far, I have to resubmit as an initial. However, depending on your former client, exceptions exist. My client will crossover back to them…if you were with them, out to 7 years. Other “like” agencies out to 5. So there are rules. And then there are rules. Ish.

amberbunny, I have a question that you might be able to answer since you submit for clearances. I am interviewing for a position next week that does not require a clearance. I have a secret now that just got finalized last Feb 17. I previously had one and let that one lapse, so when I got laid off in 16 I had to start over with my current job. It took so long I almost got my offer revoked. The job I’m interviewing for sounds awesome, I am just scared to leave my current position in fear of losing my clearance. Is my clearance really still good for 2 years before it expires? This may just ease my mind a bit, knowing if the grass isn’t greener I should still be good to find another job fast if need be. Thanks in Advance!

Essentially yes. If you experienced an arrest while uncleared, significant time passes, or you run into financial difficulties you may be in a situation where there is un-adjudicated information, which means something that must be scoped. Likely requiring a new SF86, and initial BI. But if you continue to live a clean cut life and have no issues, yes you should be able to cross over to another client. If you return to the current client they still call it crossover but it is more a re-activation of what you had. Sometimes for unexplained reasons our sponsorship drops off through no effort of our own. When we catch it they tell us to submit crossover paperwork. But it is just re-activating what they had.

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