Security clearance active

Hey guys,

My secret clearance has expired, but I am still briefed to my secret in JPAS. Do my clearance considered active?

If your investigation remains in scope (happened within the last 10 years for Secret) and you no longer need access to classified information, your clearance will no longer be “active”, but can remain “current” for up to 2 years and can be re-activated at any time in that 2 year window if the need arises again for you to have access to classified information.

However, if EITHER that 2 year period passes OR your investigation goes out of scope (whichever comes first) without having your “current” clearance re-activated, then you will need to go through the entire investigation process from scratch again to get another clearance.

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@Chzburger So my close date for my secret clearance is 2007 ten years from that date is 2017, that mean it expired. But my job still holding my secret clearance, does that mean it still active even if it expired in 2017.

I’m asking because I was offered a new job an it’s required to have a secret clearance.

Based on my understanding, I suppose it could still be current until 2019 if they re-adjudicated it in 2017…? :man_shrugging:

This is probably a question better answered by a clearance professional. I don’t know all of the details and inner-workings of these kinds of issues. I’m just a DOD employee speaking from my own top-level knowledge.