Security Clearance Expiration

My Top Secret clearance was renewed in August 2019. I have been struggling to find employment that can utilize my clearance. I am concerned that if I do not get picked up soon, I may lose my clearance. Is this a fact or not? What can be done to mitigate this action? Thank you.

I think the key factor here is when was your clearance last “active” that is when were you last employed in a job requiring access to top secret info? In most cases you have two years from that date to have a good chance at being reactivated with no problem.

About the only thing you can to do mitigate is to get a job someplace requiring that level of clearance. I don’t know of any other way to keep that clearance active.

Once two years have passed since the date of separation from your last “cleared” job, you’ll need a new investigation.