Does Clearance Stay Active After Leaving the Job?

Does Clearance Stay Active After Leaving The Job Where You Acquired It. If So, Can You Keep It Or Renew It? I’d Like To Keep It If Possible…???

This gets into a lot of semantics and nit-picking. I would say that no, your clearance does not stay active, but you should be able to “reactivate” pretty quickly if you return to a cleared position within two years of leaving the last job.

This of course depends on a number of factors too numerous to list here.

To sum up, your clearance becomes inactive, but you may still be eligible to have it reinstated after leaving a cleared position.


Sorry the clearance is with the position, not person (this is the semantics part). We have “eligibility” meaning we are in scope, and our backgrounds poked and prodded. After 24 months they want to start a deep, ground up, new investigation. A lot csn happen in 2 years.

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