Question on length of ACTIVE Status

Hello all,
new to the forum and hoping someone can answer this question.
I received a Secret clearance in 11/2008 while working in Iraq.
Total time on that job was just under 4 years and I left in 01/2010. A little over a year later I came back with the same company and no issues with my clearance.
Stayed in Kuwait for about 18 months and left again for almost a year before briefly back to Afghanistan with another company that transferred the Secret clearance with what seems to be no problems. I believe I signed a form at most.
Then in 12/2013 again moved to the company I work for here in the states, again no problem.
But it seems that in 2014 the Govt started tightening the grip and the articles here confirm this;
So, fast forward to the last couple of months and I have seen not one but two of my former co-workers denied jobs because their clearances went into ‘adjudication’. One out of his job in Afghanistan for maybe 4-5 months, the other out of Dept Of Army Civilian for about as long.
Another friend of mine in Afghanistan has told me that if you leave a company that is holding your clearance, and you do not get hired and have it transferred to another company in 90 days, it effectively gets ‘turned off’ no longer in ACTIVE status and it is a 3-6 month backlog to get it re-activated.
I do not entirely believe it would even be as long as 90 days.
The job I’m on now is going south quick, personality differences with the boss. I have been applying like crazy with Defense Related jobs and every single one so far requires that your clearance be Active. Secret, Top Secret, does not matter, as long as it is Active.
There is a very good chance that I may soon have to jump back to what I will call a Corporate America job, not Defense related and no requirement for a Security Clearance.
If it comes to that, will I be basically saying goodbye to any future in a Defense related position that requires a Clearance?

No, if you are selected for or working in a position that requires a clearance then you would be processed for one just as any other guy off the street would be. The fact that you were cleared previously shows that you met the requirements in the past. Every day there are government employees and contractors that undergo a new investigation for the clearance process.