Questions about disability leave and clearance

Hey guys. I had a question and couldn’t find an answer to it. I have a government clearance and was on leave due to a medical disability. I was put on disability for about 9 months and my company explained that they were not allowed by the government to hold my clearance for that long. My clearance is still active though, and i would have to re-apply for the job. Is it true that the government does not allow for jobs to hold a clearance for workers that are out on disability for long periods of time?

I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section.

Sounds fishy… the closest thing I’ve ever experienced was going on military leave, and one of the government customers said I had to be debriefed. I was re-briefed shortly after I got back though.

At the defense contractor where I am employed, we will put people on short term disability for up to six months, then its long term. Not familiar with how this impacts your clearance though.

Agencies have their own policies when it comes to medical leave and the administrative withdrawal of the individual’s security clearance. Some examples are if you are away from the work environment (on detail, medical leave, etc.) where the clearance is needed for 60,90, or 120 days you should be debriefed and the clearance withdrawn.

Thanks, guys. That sounds a lot like how our FSO explained it. He said I would have be re-briefed when I go back to work.