Changing Jobs Frequently

My clearance just closed, i have had 9 jobs in 7 years, 2 i left due to BRAC or brigade move. Two others i left due to promotions. I left one one job because it was 150 miles from my house each way and a two others were 75 miles each way. I had to move because my kids were getting assaulted in the neighborhood and the police were a constant presence. I also have seen my VA doctor for 8 years for anxiety and i was favorably adjudicated for a TS/SCI clearance in 2007 with this fact known. Now i am up for a renewal and i am scared i won’t get it. One employer spoke bad about me but i was able to refute it with evidence. No other derogs on myself. I am terrified the adjudicator will not grant me my eligibility.

Each case is based on its own merits and over-worrying about something out of your control doe snot help. If the issues are serious enough to warrant an SOR then you will have the opportunity to respond and provide mitigation.

Thank you but i can’t help but worry. It’s in my nature. What happens after a clearance closes? Does it go straight to the DoDCAF? What’s time for an adjudicator to adjudicate a clearance at DoDCAF?