Leaving job during adjudication

Hi all!

I wanted to see if anyone had insight on this. I left my job a few months ago because I really didn’t like the work and the company I was at didn’t really treat me well (delayed promotions, wouldn’t let me internally transfer and etc). I was in process for a TS clearance and was in adjudication. I was in adjudication for about 7 months and didn’t hear any good news in sight, so I left to a new job (much better) that now requires a TS/SCI, it is the same agency sponsoring from when I left my previous job to my now current one. I filled out a new SF-86 once I got to the new job, but haven’t heard anything except that its in process. I was wondering if they were able to pull my last investigation since it was recent and adjudicate from there? Or would the process be start over? and if you leave during adjudication could you get a “loss of jurisdiction” causing more delays??

Any info would be great. Thanks!!!

They aren’t doing a new investigation. Your existing investigation is still there and still in adjudication.

I always thought that if you leave an employer they will tell them to cancel your security clearance and then if you go elsewhere you would have to restart regardless?

Well yes in most cases they make the determination of “eligibility not determined” but he said he went within the same company or agency.

its the same agency to my knowledge, I now just work at a different company/contractor

Ok well they will see you have an investigation in adjudication and ask to have that determination continued with additional updates if necessary.

I think it is possible for the new company to pick up the record in JPAS which should keep it current.

In my experience, the problem wasnt so much on the investigation/adjudication side but with employers who were reluctant to hire someone in this situation, not knowing how long it would take for the clearance to be finally adjudicated. But I have since met a couple people who said they were able to switch jobs while awaiting adjudication.

thank you for the info!