Question re Long Term Illness and Losing (I think) My Clearance


I had a very high-level clearance of TS/SCI/FSP from 1992. In Nov 2016 I became seriously ill and had to take short-term disability which turned into a long-term disability as I kept relapsing. By the spring of 2018, I found out I was seriously ill with another ailment (cancer). I am doing a bit better now and hope to one day in the not too distant future be able to work again. However, from what I understand, my clearance is no longer intact as of Feb 2019 (but not entirely certain). After being on disability the first year, my former company had to let me go.

Living in northern VA the type of clearance I had was considered a high-value ‘ticket’. However, companies don’t want to pay to sponsor a clearance as they want people who are already cleared. Should I just not even bother with trying to find work with any company that is involved with cleared work because of my status?

I’ve been through alot physically and emotionally the last 2.5 years and now with possibly no clearance due to the length of illness is a double-whammy.

Note: My last BI and re-poly update along with adjudication was in April/May 2014.

Thank you for reading and I welcome your “knowledgeable” input regarding this matter.



Keep fighting, keep pushing. Firmly convinced it isn’t so much what life throws at us, rather how we respond and control what is in our hands. If your last BI was in April May 2014 you are now due for the Re-investigation. Technically, 2 years after clocking out your clearance went inactive. It could be crossed over but it gets trickier at that point. Now that you literally reached 5 years since last BI…even more so. Not to split hairs here, but the clearance is never with the person, only “Clearance Eligibility,” which essentially means you live a life qualifying you to get access to classified material. Yes companies prefer you are within scope and they cross over the clearance within a week or so. But you are not out of the game yet. You may very well find a client willing to try, and at times I have been successful submitting a cross over request and a Re-investigation request simultaneously. They conduct a quick check and decide all is good, clearance continues. As long as you are living the “cleared life” (finances at 650 plus, no recreational drug use, etc) you should be able to clear reasonably quickly. If you relapsed, tried experimental self medication (pot) the path gets narrow, the hills get higher. I would apply for positions you qualify for and tell them you have Clearance Eligibility, and speak to previously working cleared from 19992 until 2014-17.