TS/SCI in Adjudication for 5+ Months, Insight Appreciated

Hello, everyone! I’m “that” guy in this post, fair warning. I’ve been waiting for around 11 months since my initial investigation began. It concluded after 6 months. I then went in for my CI Poly. Shortly thereafter, my case moved on to adjudication, which is where it remains, to my very limited knowledge. I currently hold an active Secret clearance, am 24 y/o, and serve in the military, for context. In the original SF86 I filled out years ago to apply for my Secret, I disclosed an entry of employment history from when I was 18 (working at a grocery store) which ended unfavorably/questionably, and in my most recent SF86, I failed to disclose that very same entry of employment history. This wasn’t deliberate, and I made this very clear. Because it’s been some time and my position at this grocery store isn’t something I think about often, I know I was rustier on the details than when I was filling out the original SF86 years ago. I’m extremely concerned about this discrepancy and how nervous I was when confronted about it. I’m trying to remain hopeful, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very worried about this. Any insight that is even tangibly related to anything in this post is much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

It sounds like your case went to adjudication about four months ago… I am deducting a little time for the review of the polygraph, since in most cases it does not happen right away. All in all, that’s not a very long time. Yes some happen faster but some happen a lot longer.

As to the employment, there might be a question as to why you left it off, but I’d have to think your age at the time (of that job and the termination) would mitigate any concerns.

It is easy for me to say, but try not to get too worried about it. If that’s all you have on your mind you should be OK.

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Thank you very much for your insight! My other concerns are as follows: DL suspended for 2.5 months in May of 2021 for speeding (only speeding involved, nothing else). At first, I didn’t realize my license was suspended because that decision wasn’t made/didn’t take effect at the scene. So, initially, I reported the ticket to my investigator, but when they asked about suspension, I said no. As soon as I found out I sent my investigator an email confirming the details of my suspension, they didn’t respond to my email, but presumably they got it. Since then I had my poly and the process moved into adjudication, is that generally considered good news? (The alternative being the investigation continues as a consequence of the discrepancy). The second concern is one of my contacts I listed as a personal reference, an old friend of mine. Good kid, American citizen, military family, clean record, but I’m worried I might have messed up the details of our initial meeting, probably just overthinking, but worried about potential discrepancy between original SF86 and current. But he never got a single call or contact attempt of any sort from an investigator at any point during this process. Is that a good sign? Something I’d like to have a better understanding of besides the specific concerns I raised is whether or not the case moving from investigation, to investigation closed, to poly, to adjudication, without too many complications is a good thing, or if it could just as easily have no significance.

I m in same boat, my references never contacted, I’m in adjudication phase since passed poly now for 6 months. No movement since and no follow question from anyone since my interview at the beginning of this process 3 years ago.

Any good news on your end since? Trying to get some hope here! LOL

There is still hope! I finally got my TS/SCI about 3 weeks ago. I’m sorry you’re in this limbo, I really feel for you. If you’re being sponsored through a contractor as opposed to through an agency directly, I would say don’t hesitate to email and text them, bug them frankly, because they may have the opportunity to submit certain requests to the approving/adjudicating agency, essentially poking them with a stick to ask what’s taking so long, which is a whole lot better than nothing. This is what happened in my case at least, though I know this process can vary quite a bit from person to person.

In total, how long did your adjudication process take? I’m processing for the IC, successfully completed my Poly, psych, and SI last week, and my BI was concluded a month ago.

The org I’m going for states a 42 week process, and that would be August for me. Should I expect this?

Those timelines cited by the government are always based on some calendar not used by normal human beings. Plan on August, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Our processing times are for the fastest 90% (as required).

It seems I get half of the slowest 10% these days.


Haha okay, no problem. Thank you. I’m pretty much straight out of university and it’s for a fed position if that also adds context. I will plan for august! Kind of wish it’d be sooner so I know to renew my lease or not lol.

All in all, my security process took a bit over a year. Adjudication took about 6-7 months.